Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Ton of Bricks.

This has been a sad and stressful 2012 already. In the past month, we have lost 3 pretty amazing people in our circle of friends. A young husband and father married to our school nurse, whom I never had the pleasure of meeting; died from an unexpected illness. An elderly mother of a dear friend who fought for her life against the beast of cancer, and one old friend from grade school, who again, faced a brave war against the ugly tumors that took over his body. I have to say I cried at each passing. I cried for the young mother of 4 children left alone, and for the families who prayed helplessly and endlessly at the bedsides. And at each passing, like a ton of bricks it would hit me. I would hear over and over again...." how quickly life can change" "Here today, gone tomorrow" "Live each day like it is your last" "Do it today, you may not be here tomorrow" "take advantage of every opportunity, it may not happen again. " "who knows what tomorrow brings"

Tuesday night, I went to visit my mom at her Assisted living apartment. I'll admit I didn't want to go. It's about an hour drive from work. I was tired, I hadn't had supper and it was cold. I had a headache and a million excuses why I should just stay home, but Megan and I went to see her. Our conversation started out as usual. All the important stuff, what the latest doctor's appointment was, how hard rehab was, what was for dinner, who played cards, who won bingo.

We were having an interesting conversation about teenagers driving, or should I say their inability to drive, when we were joined by Joe. The conversation continued and quickly turned to a trip down memory lane for all of us. We talked about trips to Zanesville, and Missouri. Roadside rests and peanut butter jars. Car accidents, tickets, court rooms and judges. 10 kids in the back seat with no seat belts and one dollars worth of gas. Pink candies, nose bleeds, and stinky feet. Old cars, bad knees and clausterphobia. And Dad.

We were all laughing! As a matter of fact we were laughing and giggling so hard, Mom was crying, and laughing. Her belly shook like Santa's. The harder she laughed, the more she cried, and coughed, and... well, she's 86 years old, so we know what happens when she laughs!!!! The more she giggled, coughed and ...well, the more we laughed. It was hysterical and contagious and we couldn't stop it! It was a good time! When we finally gained our composure, and left for the evening, she started to laugh and giggle again... and thanked us for coming, and ..... thanked us for making her night!

As we walked down the hallway, sides hurting, cheeks sore, still smiling, happy that we made her night, it hit me, like a ton of bricks, " how quickly life can change" "Here today, gone tomorrow" "Live each day like it is your last" "Do it today, you may not be here tomorrow". "take advantage of every opportunity, it may not happen again. " "who knows what tomorrow brings"

And I was glad that I took that little bit of time out of my evening to visit, laugh and joke with my mom, my brother and my daughter, and of course, make my mom's night!

To Mrs Mountain, Michael and Alan; thank you for reminding me "how quickly life can change" and "to live each day as if it were your last" . May you all Rest in Peace.

Happy Blogging,

Saturday, October 29, 2011

In conclusion...

Or otherwise titled "excuses for not blogging in a loooonnggg time. " I even thought about calling it the dreaded essay you had to write on the first day of school, "what I did this year". So, "In conclusion", I have determined I will try to sum it up with the top 12 things I did this year.....and why I never blogged.

12. We attended 3 weddings, which also meant 3 wedding showers, for me. One almost every month beginning in March; congrats to all the newly weds. And especially this beautiful bride and groom. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Michael Gandee:

11. We did not plant a garden. BIG MISTAKE.... now old mother eastep's canning cupboards are bare.

10. We did not play or coach softball, nor do we know how we ever had time to do it when we did.

9. We finished re modeling out bathroom.

8. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

7. We enjoyed the second annual Trescott Family reunion... Kudos to the planners.

6. We enjoyed a weekend at Cedar Point and Soak city, to celebrate Cody's high school graduation. He loved spending the weekend with all of us girls.

5. We had some Awesome company from out of town. Thank you Rick and Pat, Susan and Cody, and The Gandee Family for helping us celebrate. It was great to visit with Barb, Beth and family, and Bill and Dottie.

4 . We celebrated Katie's college graduation.

3. We added a four legged friend to our family.

2. We added a wonderful Son-in-Law to our family, and we became "The In-laws"!

  1. and in conclusion, to wrap things up, just in case we weren't busy enough.... for our number one......Today, October 29th, 2011. We celebrate our baby girl's 16th birthday!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A perfectly picked... flower girl!

A few weekends ago, the official wedding party, including one "perfectly picked" flower girl, complete with her princess crown and her "veil" (a.k.a. Katie's halloween bride costume veil, circa 1992) ventured out for an afternoon of trying on a few dresses.

Wait, let me re-phrase that. ' Ventured out for two afternoons of trying on at least 1 million dresses. That's more like it, 1 million dresses in two days, probably a new record. We all had a great time!! After the flower girl tried on all the dresses she could, and twirled and danced in her high "he-o's",

We gave the pefectly picked flower girl the camera...

.... She is quite the potographer, wonder where she gets her talent ???

Our day ended with a relaxing dinner, complete with dessert,

with the "perfectly picked" flower girl.

Can't wait to do it again!!! Happy blogging-Becky

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I know I am a few days early with this; but with my blogging knowledge I figured it might take me a few days to figure out how to do this.

About 2 years ago my ever so slightly younger sister was kind enough to share some secrets about me on my 45th birthday. After laughing hysterically at them, I simply told her "paybacks". So now as her 45th birthday quickly approaches, I would like to return the favor and share some secrets about Becky aka "Dumb Old Beck"

So in no particular order, did you know:

12) She used to "have to go to the bathroom" every Sunday right after dinner and was always in there long enough to get out of helping with dishes.
11) She lives on Old McEastep Farm but is allergic to every animal on it ---again to get out of helping I think.
10) She once burnt hot dogs she was boiling for lunch because she was too busy watching Markie plow across the street.
09) She likes to drink mom's wine and put the empty bottle back in the fridge --Dan will verify this one!
08) On more than one occasion she DID go past the "big tree".
07) She got to get her hair cut before her First Communion. Can you say spoiled????????
06) She liked to decorate her aluminum christmas tree with her clothes after christmas parties. (I don't think Santa ever came back after that!)
05) She was NOT picking corn that night in the corn field.
04) She likes to pass gas while christmas shopping and blame poor, sweet Katie.
03) The girl can not line dance. "Jump On It"--yes; line dance--nope!
02) Every one of the million times we were told to "shut up or get up"---well, it was all her fault!!
01) And the number one secret you all should know is that she is the best younger sister and friend a person could have. Ahhh, good times, good times. Happy Birthday (early) and many more!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not many words to say....

....about the good times, the games, the fun, the ''kid"made ice cream, and the special memories made!!!

........ at the Trescott family reunion!!