Sunday, March 30, 2008

How I got my "NAME"

Did you know that the VW was first introduced to the USA from Germany in 1949? How about this.... the 1st 45lp, as well as cable television, automated street lights and Soap Operas were new to the USA in the same year. "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer" the song hit the air waves and George Orwell published the now infamous "1984". Aren't I smart to know all this junk?
...By the way gas was 17 cents a gallon.
I bet you just can't wait to hear the 'rest of the story". ...In case you haven't heard it yet... It all started on a wintery cold sunday afternoon at Giant Eagle.... all by myself. Don't feel sorry for me, because as some of you older mothers know and some of you younger mothers are finding out...sometimes this isn't always a bad thing. Anyway, I'm all alone in the card aisle crying over the sympathy and coping cards as I usually do, and I do mean crying. We're talking, tears streaming, nose running, red-eyed crying. quick glance at the birthday cards to ease my mind and tears (and to see who is staring at me wiping my nose on my sleeve.) A short moment to ponder....who can I buy a birthday card for...who has a birthday in March? The proverbial Light bulb, albeit dim comes on in my head. I am so smart... Rick..... I'll buy a birthday card for Rick, his birthday's in March. (I KNOW..... Just read the story) Funny birthdays cards stop the tears all the time, I am a pro at this, believe me it works. 20 minutes and one funny birthday card for Rick later and NO More Tears!!!

I was so proud of myself, gloating all the way home. Tom laughed, Katie laughed and Megan is twelve so she said "Whatever.. can I get on the computer now" . So I had it, the perfect birthday card for Rick, and now my goal was to even send it on time! (He's gonna be so proud of me.) Now, being the brilliant person that I am, I think I can do one better. a perfect birthday card, deserves the perfect blog. So as not to bore you; please see the aforementioned useless researched information regarding 1949. The year Rick was born. And I know that it is the correct year, because I went so far as to look it up in the "Trescott" book.

My life is good, sent the perfect card(on time), perfect blog, and now the perfect e-mail typed to the tune of Happy birthday to Rick, and of course it was sent on the perfect day... Ricks birthday!

Sounds like a fairy tale; Beck has managed to finally get something right, do it right and on time. And as my life goes.....BAMMMM!!!! ... like a ton of bricks.... like a smack in the face, like a bad dream, like a plant in a shower cake (marge did that), like a kick in the ... well you get my point. Please read the following excerpt from an email received from the Blountville Birthday Boy himself.....

"Have you been overdoing the spring equinox celebrating just a little maybe? My birthday is in September. Now Bill .....was born 61 years ago today" march 21st.

....Need I say more.... Happy blogging and happy belated birthday to Bill.....

Thursday, March 6, 2008 might be from Beloit....

..If it gets so cold that even your birds eat inside....

...You might be from Beloit!

..If your kids are the poster children for Carhart, (or maybe tide?)

....You might be from Beloit!

......If you have a snow fort at the edge of your drive instead of a "welcome" sign..... might be from Beloit!

...and the number one reason you might be from Beloit....

If your swimming pool doubles as a sled in the winter time...

Tom, Becky, Katie and Megan

Sunday, March 2, 2008

"Am I here yet?"

You have arrived. Welcome to the 21st century. I guess we can now call you "Bloggin' Joe". Looking forward to all your "words of wisdom"!!

Your whole "bloggin'" Family