Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A summer time Classic

AAAAAAA batter, batter, batter SWING.
Fair ball, through the legs of the first baseman....SAFE at FIRST.

I'm not sure about this one... It might be a new add for AT&T, you know, "more bars in more places." Although, these girls just might actually be watching the game and cheering on their teammates. Remember, "She's a homerun hitter and your never gonna get her......"

And we can't forget about the coach's speech after the game. "Good game ladies! You won, but you had some errors.... Hello, is anyone listening? Is anyone even looking at the coaches? What is everyone looking at? Do you ladies hear me???? Any questions? "Yeah, do we get Ice cream??????"

Gosh, frustrating, isn't it!!!!! (He's really thinking, "it's not Ice cream I want)

But Ice Cream it is, for the winning team...

..And good times, with good friends......

.......Makes Summer time softball A classic.

Happy Blogging,