Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

This is an excerpt from a letter written by Helen Woodhall, from California. I came across this in a magazine along time ago and have kept it. I'll read it every once in awhile, just as a reminder. I thought it would be appropriate to share for Valentines Day. It's titled "How will I know?" and it is written to her granddaughter.

My dear granddaughter,
I told you the other day that I hope for you and the man you marry the kind of love that your grandfather Woody and I had. You asked me, "How will I know when it's that kind of love?"
The love I'm talking about doesn't depend on beauty, passion or romantic settings. It moves from physical attraction to committment-body, mind, heart. My marriage to Woody was not plain vanilla ice cream. We both made many mistakes, many sacrifices.
...Woody wasn't the romantic sort, but he did bring me flowers- wrapped in newspaper. Once he arranged a bouquet in a vase for our 34th anniversary a week before he died. This is love.
He always kept my car in prime condition. He helped me around the house if company was coming-and not because he cared that much how the place looked but because he knew I cared. He wasn't a dog lover but he let me have Pierre. When I'd go on about how wonderful Pierre was, running to meet me, Woody would say he'd run to meet me to if all he had to do was lie on the front steps all day. He held me close when I cried the day Pierre had to be put to sleep. This is love.
Love is not always glamorous, but it will help you get to the bathroom when you're sick. Love means only one of you can be crazy at a time.
The wonderful thing about love is that it embraces without binding. Not all your activities and friends will be the same. Love agrees to disagree on certain subjects. Talk abut everything with your husband. Two of the the most important phrases in a marriage are "I am sorry" and "I forgive you". When you walk out in rage, love follows you , calling, " You can't get away from me".
I hope you will catch your husband looking at you as if you were the only light in his world. When he reaches for your hand for no reason at all, this is love.
I don't have any grandchildren, but I do have two beautiful daughters, family and many friends that I hope will find and share that special "love" in their lives. Happy Valentines Day !!!!