Friday, April 27, 2007

Babies and more babies...

Just a quick update to everyone who might not be on a "mailing list" or get the latest news. I'm a little sketchy on some of the details, so if anyone wants to post an update with some more specific information, that would be fine...

Jason and I had a baby girl on April 5- Sydney Elizabeth Norch
BethAnn and Jesse had a baby boy in early April- John Patrick Cordova
Missy and JJ are expecting a baby in late August/early September
Mandy and Rick are expecting a baby in November, around Thanksgiving

The family tree is growing, exponentially it seems!! We need to have a true "reunion" weekend where everyone can get together and all these kids can meet and play! Anyone else up for helping plan something for later this summer? I'm willing to do most of the work, but I might need a few people to help out with some things. Get back to me if you're interested...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

spring is here!!

Well, spring is here and so is soccer season. Kayla's first game was this past Sunday which of course they lost 1 - 0. With the cold and wind I was surprised anybody even scored. Her next game which was supposed to be Friday is cancelled already - so our season is off to a great start. Anyway, she has tournaments in Euclid on Saturday and Sunday of Memorial day weekend - so if any one know of any nice campgrounds or any "hot spots" up that way to take a 13 year old - let me know. We will probably make a week end of it!!

Great seeing all the twins at Easter and of course everyone else as well!!