Monday, January 21, 2008

In review

No pictures this time, though you have to admit the trip down memory lane was funny and memorable I'm sure, for those of you in the pictures. Now, how about the "Trescott Year in Review"
We'll start off with all the new leaves that have been added this year. Sydney Elizabeth born in April to Jen (Kimble) and Jason Norch. Mallory Kathleen born in August to Missy (Kimble) and J.J. Sandberg. Note to may not want to drink the water at the Kimble's. Then we have John Patrick (JP) born to Beth (Bickel) and Jessie Cordova. Last but not least is everyone's little heart hero Peyton Eyler born to Mandi(Trescott) and Rick Eyler. If my calculations are correct, that would bring the total to 25 great grandchildren and still counting. Scott and Bre Frank are expecting their second child in 2008. Would anyone one else like to add to that.....?

We also celebrated some milestones in 2007. Bill celebrated the big 6-0, Joe celebrated the big 5-0. Kenny Dale celebrated the big 3-0. Michael Gandee the big 2-0. Katie Eastep celebrated the big 1-8, graduated from high school and lived to tell about it. Cody Trescott graduated from the 8th grade as class valedictorian no less. 'Gets his smarts from his favorite aunt Beck. Most importantly, the oldest Leaf of the tree celebrated her 82nd birthday and is still going strong... and to bingo when Joe lets her drive. I also think it's worth an honorable mention that a certain little boy did learn to "tinkle on a tree" in 2007 ! HUGE Milestone for a 2 year old, and I won't mention any names. It is official, 4 generations of tree-tinkling-trescott men.

Did I forget anything? Oh, as a parent or coach we've warmed the bleachers and cheered thru approximately 70 softball, t-ball, baseball, basketball, football or soccer games. As parents and grandparents we've smiled, laughed, cried and slept thru at least 30 recitals, plays, band and choir concerts, and graduations. And don't forget.... we've survived droughts in Alabama, snow in Florida, rain, floods and fires in California, weeks at the Cleveland Clinic, broken arms, thumb surgeries and poker parties in the garage. We've made it thru first days of preschool, last days of grade school, first and last days of high school and first days of college and the first annual garage Gang Mafia Christmas Party. Most importantly, some of us have learned to blog...and even remember how to .

Have a happy and prosperous New Year, filled with lots of fun memories and good times.