Thursday, April 30, 2009

important dates to remember

I don't want to be the "blog quitter" so Kayla and I thought we'd share some important dates with you to remember -

Saturday May 2nd at 8:00 pm - the season premier of "Jonas" staring none other then them "hottie Jonas Brothers" - that would be channel 64 for all you time warner subscribers.

Monday May 4th - Official Temporary Permit eligibility day. We finally understand what side of the road to drive on - our big dilema now - why are you only supposed to use one foot? You have two pedals and two feet - wouldn't it make more sense to use one foot for each pedal?? And why was Uncle Joe making a big deal about not being allowed to drive with "flip flops" on??? May I just remind you all - Miss Clairol and Extra Strength Excedrin!!!!

The most important dates of all - Friday and Saturday May 15th and 16th - THE CITY OF NAVARRE GARAGE SALES!!! ---call me Beck!!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A pat on the back.

Just wanted to share a story as told to me by someone I work with. Some of the names have been changed to "protect" the innocent, but mostly due to HIPAA laws. Here's how the conversation went.
"Hey Becky, I didn't know your neice worked for Dr. SoandSo." "My sister Lulu goes to see him. She thinks he's just a wonderful doctor".
and I said " Yes, she does and I hear they are moving to a new office."
She said, " That's right, Lulu said that all the girls up there are wonderful" "But, there is one little girl she just adores. Everytime Lulu goes to see Dr. Soandso, she only likes this one girl, and hopes that this is the little girl who takes care of her. This little girl's not there everyday, so she must only work part time. She's always so kind and so helpful, but she couldn't remember her name. She did remember that she is from Louisville, and she thought her husband was a policeman. And would you believe that tiny, skinny little thing has twins?!?!?!?
Hmmm... wonder who that could be...????
Pat yourself on the back.....nice job little girl!

Happy Blogging from a "proud aunt"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I believe a congratulations is in order?!

First off, Happy Easter to everyone! Second off, I would like to congratulate Aunt Theresa on posting a picture on her own! All by herself! She mentioned she was even able to save it from her email into a file and then download it into the blog - all after finding the folder that she had originally saved it in! I dunno bout you but I'm proud (and she's pretty proud of herself too!) LOL! Maybe now she'll post more and not be a "blogger quitter" ( Just kidding!) Anyways, Happy Easter and it was great seeing everyone today and on a side note, for those that tried to calm my kiddos down, today was brought to you by the Dye's Red 40 and Yellow 10 - courtesy of their father. Normally they're a little bit calmer and you can actually talk to them LOL. Have a great week!


Thursday, April 9, 2009


Speaking of "growing up trescott" ..........have a HAPPY EASTER !!!!!!

'luv you girls, too!!!! Happy Easter and happy blogging!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Feeling the love!

Spring is in the air and even here in our neck of the woods, I personally am beginning to really feel the love.

Conversation one:
Wednesday night, Tom and I are intently engrossed, waiting to see who is definitely in the bottom three of Idol. Megan comes hopping down the steps being her usual teenage self. "Mom, I need help, cheerleading try outs are Thursday and I need a cheer" (Gee, she does talk and not just text. ) Being the good mom that I am I literally jumped at the chance to shine up my mother of the year trophy. Picture this, well, maybe you shouldn't. I immediately threw off my warm cozy blanket, stood up from my nice cozy couch, and in my nice cozy, baby blue, fleecey flannel, satin trimmed housecoat, I mean robe, proceeded to give what I thought was my best rendition of "open up the barn doors, kick out the hay" cheer. Oh, come on. you know it too. It was complete with "one, two, ready. go" and an awesomely fantastic, spirited "toe touch" almost jump!!! Remember the robe??? And as quick as I started I was finished. Between the hysterical laughs from all partys involved and the look of total utter shame, embarrassment, and disgust that only a 13 year old can portray this is what I heard:
" UMMMM, EWWWW, MOM, Sit down...don't do that again.... EWWWWW ...I'll call somebody else for help!!!" "Dad, can you do it?" I mean REALLY, she didn't even give me the chance to do "Firecracker, Firecracker, BOOM,BOOM,BOOM !!!.......Feel the love !!!!???!!!

Second conversation...yet another true story. I was lucky enough to spend the day with the eldest Eastep daughter. Our day was filled with our usual trek to Akron Children's Hospital, followed by lunch at "Fridays" and a little shopping in the afternoon. I think we bonded and pondered lifes biggest issues when you are almost 20 something. Oh, and in case you didn't know, 20 is old and once you hit 30, your life is over--per the eldest Eastep daughter.
Back to the story, it seems that the aforementioned almost 20 something daughter has a dilemna...does she:
1.) Move home next year, Live for free, work every other as needed,
and commute to Aultman 4 days per week.
2.) Live back on campus and pay an outrageous housing bill and still drive from
Walsh to Aultman OR
3.) Rent an apartment off campus, be strapped down with rent, utilities, groceries,
work more hours, and go to school full time, (kinda like burning your candle at
both ends), just to save money on gas and driving.??
HMMMMMM.... Well, this is what she said to me, "Mom, don't get me wrong" (red flag immediately pops up in mom's head, as BP rises) I like being on my own, I like it here on campus, BUT ( awwww, maybe she does miss us) I really miss.......( see, get the tissues out for this)..... I really miss, (ready for this one?)


SEE?! FEEL THE LOVE !! With that being said, I have to go buy my stock in excedrin and clairol and learn to stay off of the sidewalks. See blog below.

Happy Blogging.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hot Stock Tips...

For the past 6 months now I have been hearing ....Mom, just 6 months--- Mom just 4 months----Mom just 1 month.....thats right in just 1 way to short month Kayla will be 151/2 years old which means as any of you who have gone through teenagers know ---you got it!!! TEMPORARY DRIVING PERMIT. Those words alone means lots and lots and lots of Excedrin - Extra Strength of course and lots of Miss Clairol - my hot stocks tip. We picked up our study guide this past week end - flipped though it and said " this looks boring - I'm not reading it.!!!!" I did come home yesterday and she proudly announced that she cooked for herself as I was working so that should prove she is ready to get her temps. I replied - Oh what did you cook?? Her reply - Hot Dogs!!! I have to admit she did not boil the water dry and burn the hot dogs like a certain aunt of hers did - so I guess that should count for something. So during our whole driving conversation she let me know that she thinks she gets everything about driving except one thing. Oh I say.... What would that be??? Well, she says...if I'm driving on one road and turn onto another do I know what side of the road to drive on?? Yep...Excedrin and Miss Clairol. Happy investing!!!!!