Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Summer Stuff

WOW, August already! Before long those crazy, big yellow bus's will be at the end of the driveway beeping and flashing thier lights while your kids run down the drive way, coat half on, breakfast hanging from their mouths, carrying one shoe, dragging a back pack, while trying to fix their hair, shouting"Luv you too, Mom", No, MOM... stay in the house.... ! MOM, please get in the HOUSE, MOM.... you're in your ROBE....EWWW.... STOP CRYING MOM, I'M IN EIGHTH GRADE !!!!! Oh, wait, what do you mean that only happens at my house???? Okay, something like that, but really I haven't cried in years on the first day of school. If I did I'm sure it was tears of joy! If you haven't been there yet, good Luck. If you have, you know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, summer's been busy here in Be-Lo-it. While Tom and I didn't get to go to the beach, we did manage to spend a week trout fishing....

Sexy, I KNOW!! You are jealous.

Megan, on the other hand, went to Myrtle beach with her friend and family. They arrived Saturday morning, and spent Saturday evening in the "Stat care" and Megan; 5 stitches later... at home, 10 days later decided she could remove her own stitches... Meet Dr. Megan: Katie is still practicing amd studying for her nursing classes..... this "cat's name is "Sher-Kahn"...But she has decided she would study much harder in her own "home" ....Yep, guess who lives in the apartment with a goat on the door? So since our nest has begun to empty..... Tom felt the need for a bigger driveway and maybe even concrete for his "shed".

Thank you "Beck's Lawn Care" .

And I have got my computer back, up and running, pictures downloaded, I've checked on my latest addiction to facebook and I've blogged. My summer is now complete. Almost.

Until Next time, Happy Blogging! Becky