Sunday, February 25, 2007

All the more reason to post...

Hi Kristen...glad you joined us! Now just more proof for the rest of you- if a mom with one-year-old twins can find time to blog... you have no excuses- Becky proved that you don't have to have super computer skills, and Kristin proves that you can blog even if you're really busy. So what's holding you back? Let's see some jokes, kid stories, or even some "poker trash talk". Hope to hear from you soon!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Hello to all. . . . .

Ok I have to agree with Jennifer, if Aunt Beck can do this, anyone can (Sorry Beck). What a great idea this was to start to keep everyone posted on our exciting family. Just wanted to post and say hello to everyone and update on my two monkeys, I mean children. The kids are doing great and growing more and more curious everyday. They are both standing up to everything and getting ready to take that first big step. I have mixed emotions about this big event. I know that they are going to "Rock my world." I am also positive that they will take off in opposite directions just to make things a little more exciting. On the other hand, a lot of simple tasks are going to be a lot easier with children that can ambulate themselves. We are all looking forward to spring to get out and enjoy the weather. It seems like we have went into hibernation mode over the winter and I am definately ready to crawl out of our "hole". We'll keep our fingers crossed that the ground hog made the correct prediction.

Great Aunt Beck is so Wierd...I mean, Wired

Sorry about the Freudian slip there, Beck. I of course meant a tech-y sense, right? I'm quite proud of Beck for her computer-savy skills, put to good use (as opposed to her usual "up-to-no-good" behaviors!) Now, if "dumb ole' Beck" can blog, so can the rest of you! It's not hard, just ask Becky...create and account, and then add a post. We'll all be able to read (and see) the latest and greatest Trescott news. It's so easy a toddler could do it- Look at Kennedy way back when, just 13 months old and already a computer pro and blogger extraordinaire...Ok, maybe she wasn't technically blogging back then, but she was thinking about it. Let's see if anyone else can post some goodies here for us! I dare you!

Kudos to Becky for being the first visitor to post, and let's keep 'em coming now! I'll be looking for the rest of you!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Okay.. here we go. Wouldn't my girls be proud of me... I AM BLOGGING!! or is it I AM A BLOGGER, or I am a Something. Anyway, this is a great idea, plus it gives me something to do at work.
Jen has the greatest and most entertaining blogs I've ever read. For anyone who hasn't read them, may I suggest that you do. For anyone who has read them, you will understand when I say that it's very embarrassing to cry at work.

So my first official blog is short and sweet and I look forward to reading everyone else's; to read stories about all of the twins, the broken arms from playing basketball, any new babies in the family, jokes, pictures and anything else that may keep this family close.

Cheers to the trescott family blog, to Jen and Jason's computer smarts and all of us who are smart (or daring) enough to figure out how to use it.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Family Ties

Hey everybody! I started a webpage last summer to keep everyone updated, but it seems like an almost impossible task to stay in touch. Alot of you have sent me pictures, and I've been really bad about putting them up on the website for everyone else to see, so I decided to "outsource" the task to everyone else...hence, I created For those of you who read my personal blog, (and for those of you who don't, I highly recommend you do...), this can be very similar. Blogging isn't hard to do, and it basically involves creating a free account, and then logging in to post to this website where others can read what you write. Once you are logged in, posting to the blog is just like using a word processing program like Microsoft Word. You'll be able to share stories, pictures, invitations, etc. with the entire family, and stay connected with those relatives who are in other (sunnier and warmer) states. I look forward to seeing if anyone posts here, and how active this site becomes. I emailed an invite to everyone in the family whose email address I have, but if there is someone I forgot, please let me know, and I will add them as an author to the blog as well. I look forward to hearing from all of you, and hearing about our family. Keep in Touch!!