Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas

Like everything else I've done this holiday season, my happy Holiday greetings come a little late. Were any of you out in the mad rush on Christmas Eve? No? Well then you most certainly missed my mad dash to Walmart at 4am to get wrapping paper, tape, and baby food, all after working 12 hours nonetheless.

It was great to see everyone who was able to make it to lunch at Hometown Buffet Christmas Eve. If you weren't able to come, you missed interesting conversation about the power grid, courtesy of Jason and Tony. Oh, and not to mention, my cranky tired baby who didn't want to visit with anyone else. Sorry 'bout that! Otherwise, a good time was had by all, and we'll plan to do this again next year, although we'll plan it more in advance, and likely a couple weeks before Christmas so it won't be so hectic for everyone.

Becky... loved the Christmas pictures. The top picture of Grandma and the 5 kids says it all... one of the kids is pointing a (fake) gun at himself, and the look on Grandma's face is priceless! I thought Christmas with 3 kids was a task!! I'm not sure if Grandma did "toy parties" back then, but I like the assortment of gifts in the pictures- there's a stroller, a gun, a guitar, one kid has some reindeers... it reminds me of a family party in the garage! Gosh, they started so young!

Anyhow...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to y'all, especially Rick who is the newest blogger to the website. Looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone both in person and online in 2008!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hey y'all, Merry Christmas! Isn't this new fangled internet stuff sumpthin'? Give me some time and I'll learn how to post pictures too! I mean if D.O.B. can figure it out....but then she has a kid still at home that probably taught her.
I knew that the 1st picture was Bill and his new wagon...Dad eventually repainted it with a brush and I got it for Christmas about 3 years later. :-) As for the next picture, I think that that is Bill, Barb ,me, Ken and Marge at the last Christmas on 2nd Street in Canton.
I'm not sure but I think the next picture with "Pet" when she was a pup, is the first Christmas on Georgetown Road. The baby is Jake. We moved to Geo. Rd. on New years eve or New years day, I can't remember if we got the pup when we were still on second street, a week before we moved. If thats the case then the baby would be Margie. That may be the only picture of "Pet" where she wasn't pregnant!
Wow! What a trip down memory lane!
So where is everybody else that should be in here? I miss all you guys, especially during the holiday season. I'll check back later.... Rick

Monday, December 24, 2007

another blast from the past

Yeeehawww. I'll beeee, even Rick can blog, 'em there southerners can do 'bout anythang can't they now darlin'? Some of you "anti-bloggers are lookin' pretty bad right now!
Speaking of Rick, did ya' figure out who the "angelic" little boy is in the christmas past? If you guessed Dan, which happened to be the popular vote, NOT. Remember, I did use the term "angelic" that knocks Dan out completely, and a few others too. (who luvs ya' Skibbo?) Besides, Dan only sits down to rake apples. That story is a whole new blog.... just ask Dan. Now if you really study the picture, you should notice it is in black and white. Dan's not that old is he? And only one christmas miracle per year here; I can only scan, not edit, not paste and certainly not change tone. So, it's not Dan, it's not Rick or Jake either (see above term "angelic") who could that be? Take a look at the train in the picture (Dillon gets it honestly), and notice that the clothes he's wearing are new, not hand me downs. Well, It's none other than "our little Billy in his new wagon" Ahhhhh, he's so cute! You really can see the halo. Someone said it had to be Bill, because there weren't 50 other munchkins around the tree, and that person was right. so I couldn't resist one more blast from the past... Now that's a Trescott Christmas !!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Greetings again from Alabama! For all of you who’s extended Holiday plans include watching the OHIO STATE BUCKEYES demolish the LSU Tigers; the half time show will include a high school band from our area. The Pinson Valley High School “Marching Chiefs” are from down the road about ½ an hour from us. Pat’s late husband was the Art teacher at this school.

All I can add is …GO! BUCKEYES!

Friday, December 21, 2007

From Alabama

Hey Y'all! I just got invited into here, and it only took me 1 day to figure out how to do that!! So...Greetings to every one, and Merry Christmas from Dixie!
Now...somebody, anybody, everybody has to get me up to speed on who all these babies are! :-)
Won't waste much time typing now incase this thing doesn't work. Talk with y'all later.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas tributes I forgot how to do this ! But staying in the spirit of the season, I thought I should try a christmas tribute blog, besides that I am very jealous of Jen's blog all decked out for the holidays and even Kristin and Amanda's myspace. How do you guys have little kids and still find time to do all this stuff? I can't seem to even get my Tree up !!!

Anyway, It's here again snow, crowds, all day shopping trips, Family, friends,... silent night and Peace on earth? Well, maybe not so much. It is Christmas time....and this picture below is my tribute to Christmas past. Do you believe that I know how to scan a picture? It's a "christmas miracle" I tell you.

Look closely.. Now we all know the real history and origin of the "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.. Not to mention the beautiful decorations. Check the christmas box upstairs "under the thing dad built" at Grandma's; same icicles, same garland, still using them. The curtains in the background, maybe it's just me, but I'd be willing to bet my christmas goose that I wore a dress of the same material in a school picture. And yes, it was hand-me-down from Theresa, Grace, Margie and Barb. (and mom said she made it special for me, hah.) The wrapping paper on the gifts below the tree... You guessed it still upstairs, "under the thing dad built" The sweet, innocent little boy in the wagon? You see if you can figure out who it is !

Coming soon to a blog near you.. My tributes to christmas present and future. Merry Christmas to all!!