Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Something must be wrong

Jen was certainly right, I believe everyone had a good time celebrating MaryMargaret's 83rd. We sure fooled her, because she know absolutely nothing about it. The weather fooled us because it did rain until 3:30. I know this blog is a little late (Sorry Katie) and a little lengthy. We here in Be-Lo-IT were a little bit side tracked with the wonderful weather we had on Sunday. You could say we lost a few trees, and limbs and leaves.
But, it's OK.... If you look real closely at this picture, you can see the carrier pidgeons in the back ground to the left....WE STILL had ELECTRIC.. all week......did all you city folks?????

Anyway, back to the pictures from Momma's party and more importantly, how am I going to live up to Jen's high blogging expectations ? I believe that even though we had electric all week (see above comment) There must be something wrong with my computer, because when I wanted to post the picture of all the kids, this is what I got ....

So I tried again, and got this.......

I thought for sure there was something wrong, but some of these kids sure look like Kaylee and Kennedy and Sydney and JP and Cody and Christian and Peyton and Lendon and Brandon and ....... There now it's right. How about these pictures of the kids, Kaylee and Sydney ?...

Wait, that is still not right....

How about this picture of Grandpa BO and Sydney or Kennedy?........

Something just doesn't seem right now does it???
Let me try one more time, because I know I have the cutest picture of little Audrey?.......

Okay, Okay, what is up ????? Let me try the piture I have of...... Kennedy?.........

Well, anyway, I hope everyone had a good time at the party. I know I did. It amazed me to see all the little ones and how much they look like their moms, dads, aunts and uncles. I really enjoyed all of them. I counted 54 total people at the party. It really did't seem like that many people, that is until you looked down at about knee level (or waist level for me), then the numbers doubled. I think a Trescott family reunion would be great for next year. It would be awesome to have the entire family together for a fun weekend. I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and I Hope I lived up to Jen's blog standards, and until I blog again....... GO GREEN !

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Grandma's 83rd Birthday Party

Grandma's Birthday party was alot of fun. I'm sure Beck will have her "review" up here, and I don't want to upstage all the fun she has to share. For those of you on the "left coast" where the weather is nothing but sunny, you will appreciate the fact that it rained (read: steady downpour) all morning, and we were all gearing up to find a dry seat and crowd around a set of cornhole boards in Tom's garage. Thankfully, the Good Lord smiled on Mary Margaret and on her 83rd birthday celebration, and the rain clouds parted just as picnic time approached.

Many families were able to make it, and it was really fun seeing a whole new generation of Trescotts running around, just like my generation and the generation before must have done in years gone by. Lots of pictures were taken by lots of different cameras, so my pictures are just a sampling of everything that was happening.

Here's just a few pictures...

September 2008 029
Marge surprises Grandma with a Party Popper

September 2008 036
"Did you know about this??"

September 2008 038
Megan and Brayden

September 2008 045
Kennedy and Brayden...I guess he's a popular guy!!

September 2008 060
Cornhole, anyone?? Mallory and Brendon (I think?)

September 2008 053
Is there room for one more on here? Mallory, Grace, Sydney, and Bob

September 2008 066
The Next Generation

I'll have more up maybe later today or sometime this week...

All pictures are available at my site for viewing or download in multiple sizes. They are tagged "Trescotts" for easy searching.

It was great fun, and a few people from out of town were able to make it for the festivities. (of course, Beloit is so far out in the sticks that it qualifies most anyone brave enough to visit as an "out-of-towner").

We're hoping to get everyone together next summer for a family reunion. I'm working on planning it, so stay would be great to have some input about what week works best for all you out-of-towners as far as sports and school and vacations go, so any hints would be appreciated!

Keep visiting!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's a Celebration....Reminder

Looks like someone has already started to celebrate
Help Celebrate Grandma' s 83rd Birthday
with a surprise picnic in her honor.
Saturday, September 13th
At Tom and Becky's house.
Please bring a covered dish, lawn chairs and corn hole if you have it.
Grandma will be her at 4:45, so make sure you're here by 4:00....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Things that make you go Hmmm...

Speaking as a half empty nester, mother of two teenage daughters, living somewhat off of the beaten path, with a husband that... well anyway. Lets just say, our family, tends to "march to a different drum"... and that's OK. We like it. But I have learned over the last few years and especially the last few monthes.... that sometimes it's better just to shake your head and walk away. Just say Hmmmmmm!!!
For example, I went to the grocery store and bought a box of huge black trash bags, Just like the rest of you, we do have trash here. They were $6.00 a box and I remember belly-aching about the price of garbage bags. They're for trash, junk, crap, landfill, for pete's sake.... what the heck!, or as I'm learning to speak, WTH??? So you have to understand my frustration, when I couldn't find them and thought that yet again my peri-menopausal mind had gotten the best of me....

Hmmmm....Ohhhh... no wait..... are those my trash bags?? ....HMMMMM....I guess when you don't have a nice pool in your back yard like "everyone else does", per Megan, and it's 99 degrees outside, you have to find some way to cool yourself off ! Right?, just ask Megan !

Hmmmm...and sometimes it's best just not to even ask..... just shake your head and walk away.

See what I mean, I don't even ask,

I just shake my head,

say Hmmmmm,

and walk away!

Until next time.....Happy blogging, Becky.