Sunday, March 18, 2007

sofas and studebakers

OK, picture this... the year is 1947. You could buy a brand new Chevy or Ford for a whopping $2000.00. Not near the amount needed for a decent down payment in 2007. The Streamlined Studebaker was originally introduced in American in 1947. So I've read that the Studebaker was "a big joke" when introduced, because "you couldn't tell the front from the back." Not that I remember or know any of this, but thanks to the wonderful world of internet information, I sound really intelligent. Quite the guru of car history facts, without the pocket protector. I have also learned in my quest for stupid facts that the definition of antique, according to Mr. Webster is "old, obsolete, not modern. A sofa is considered antique 100 years after purchase. A car, The Studebaker for example, after only 25 years.

So why the history lesson you ask? Why the reminiscent ramblings?? Where am I going with this....? Well, as it turns out 1947 was a very important year in history, and not just for the Studebaker. March 21st. 2007 marks the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the branch of the family tree known as the descendants of William H. Trescott, JR. In other words, our brother and uncle, the first born, the only Trescott not to have to wear hand-me-downs, and the one that mom and dad practiced perfect parenting on(... you know he had clean diapers, everything got sterilized, and there are thousands of pictures of him.), hits the BIG 6-0 in a mere 3 days. I didn' t want to come right out and say that it's Bill's 60th birthday; you know with age comes crankiness, not to mention arthritis, gray hair, AARP, hip replacements and BINGO. I can't quite picture Bill at the BINGO hall. There he is 45 minutes before game time, cautiously setting up a plethora of lucky train engines and guitars, warming up his Acme Perfect Purple No-Drip Bingo Dabber to mark his 60 bingo cards that he's playing for free on his birthday. Note that he has already scratched off his $50.00 worth of instant bingo tickets. Hey..remember that it's his birthday...he plays for free... so he can splurge with the instant tickets.

With all of that said, 1947 was a big year for the Studebaker, now considered antique by definition. It was also the birthday year for Bill, in my opinion, not considered an antique by definition. Dottie on the other hand may be able to sell him in her shop now. That's why she's stuck with him all these years. Seriously, who would've thought Bill was 60. He sure looks better than a Studebaker, and personally I've always been able to tell the back from the front of him... as long as he's wearing his glasses. Except, one night he was talking politics.... things were getting pretty ugly.

So if you have a spare minute, drop a card; snail or e-mail, to Bill to help him celebrate his 60th birthday, and remember as antiques go... its better to be a sofa than a Studebaker.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

IF BECK CAN - I CAN first attempt at setting up and fowarding my new e-mail address didn't go real great - I sent my new e-mail address out and didn't put who I was. Never had so many people say "who are you?" Kayla showed me how to IM people - but the only IM addresses I have are her friends - so lets hope my blogging attempts go a little better. This blogging idea is really neat and a great way to keep up on things. I will be in here often.

and look what the cat drug in...DAN!!

Just when I say "trash talk"...Dan shows up on the blog!! OK, just kidding, but it's great to get an update from the west coast, places sunnier and warmer indeed. Jason was trying to get a "free" ticket out to California for work (and to visit and golf), but (unfortunately) he's going to Lakeland, Florida instead.

Just when one kid gets out of a cast...Kennedy is certainly headed for one- she's taken up the "sport" of roller skating. What was I thinking getting her the Fisher-Price skates at a garage sale last summer?!?! She's wheeling around our basement right now, just looking for a sure-fire disaster. I'll keep you all posted.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

warm and sunny

Ya'all wouldn't be talking about US would you?? Its only supposed to be 58 today so we're suffering too! Update on kid with broken arm - cast came off on valentines day, but he was told to avoid anything that could cause him to fall or inpact his wrist for another 4 weeks. So he thinks that excuses him from taking out the trash and mowing the yard!! NOT!!!!!...and yes we do mow year 'round, so see, thats an advantage you guys have - you dont have to mow in the winter...or spring...or fall!
Baseball is in full swing - I got "elected" to the board as T-Ball director. That means I get to be the contact point for 13 rookie managers, 165 4,5 and 6 year old kids!...and their parents! But I get this really cool hat and jacket, and our board meetings are held at Hooters! Haven't missed a board meeting yet!
We got a meeting tonight at Code's school regarding his 8th grade graduation! WOW!!! cant believe it...that he made it!!...almost. Dont know why I gotta go - I'm not graduating 8th grade...yet!
Other than that everythings same ol', same ol'. Soon as I figure this bloggin' thing out I'll send pictures....of me of course!! I too am proud of Beck...I can just imagine her on the the top of the telephone pole...hanging on with 1 dangling from baling twine...Natural Lite in the other hand...YOU'RE DOIN' BELOIT PROUD!!