Sunday, March 18, 2007

sofas and studebakers

OK, picture this... the year is 1947. You could buy a brand new Chevy or Ford for a whopping $2000.00. Not near the amount needed for a decent down payment in 2007. The Streamlined Studebaker was originally introduced in American in 1947. So I've read that the Studebaker was "a big joke" when introduced, because "you couldn't tell the front from the back." Not that I remember or know any of this, but thanks to the wonderful world of internet information, I sound really intelligent. Quite the guru of car history facts, without the pocket protector. I have also learned in my quest for stupid facts that the definition of antique, according to Mr. Webster is "old, obsolete, not modern. A sofa is considered antique 100 years after purchase. A car, The Studebaker for example, after only 25 years.

So why the history lesson you ask? Why the reminiscent ramblings?? Where am I going with this....? Well, as it turns out 1947 was a very important year in history, and not just for the Studebaker. March 21st. 2007 marks the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the branch of the family tree known as the descendants of William H. Trescott, JR. In other words, our brother and uncle, the first born, the only Trescott not to have to wear hand-me-downs, and the one that mom and dad practiced perfect parenting on(... you know he had clean diapers, everything got sterilized, and there are thousands of pictures of him.), hits the BIG 6-0 in a mere 3 days. I didn' t want to come right out and say that it's Bill's 60th birthday; you know with age comes crankiness, not to mention arthritis, gray hair, AARP, hip replacements and BINGO. I can't quite picture Bill at the BINGO hall. There he is 45 minutes before game time, cautiously setting up a plethora of lucky train engines and guitars, warming up his Acme Perfect Purple No-Drip Bingo Dabber to mark his 60 bingo cards that he's playing for free on his birthday. Note that he has already scratched off his $50.00 worth of instant bingo tickets. Hey..remember that it's his birthday...he plays for free... so he can splurge with the instant tickets.

With all of that said, 1947 was a big year for the Studebaker, now considered antique by definition. It was also the birthday year for Bill, in my opinion, not considered an antique by definition. Dottie on the other hand may be able to sell him in her shop now. That's why she's stuck with him all these years. Seriously, who would've thought Bill was 60. He sure looks better than a Studebaker, and personally I've always been able to tell the back from the front of him... as long as he's wearing his glasses. Except, one night he was talking politics.... things were getting pretty ugly.

So if you have a spare minute, drop a card; snail or e-mail, to Bill to help him celebrate his 60th birthday, and remember as antiques go... its better to be a sofa than a Studebaker.

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Allyson said...

Hello all! I just came across this when I was checking my old e-mail account. Glad to see messages from the whole gang. Sorry to hear it was only 58 degrees in CALI in March! Sure beats Ohio's 78 degrees today Dan!! :) Everything is good on our end. Married life is going great. Adam is still working his crazy hours at the station, but loves what he does (and I'm pretty proud of him too). Kristin and I have decided we will never be normal with our fireman and policeman! The school year is really flying by. Two more months and I will already say farewell to my sixth graders. I'm not sure where I'll end up next year, I'll keep you posted if I ever find out!! I'm also starting my second year as the j.v.volleyball coach for Louisville. I had a great time last season and can't wait to get underway again. Next month we'll have had our house for a year already. We're excited to get outside this summer and do some major yard work. Adam signed us up for a co-ed summer golf league which is sure to provide some great entertainment. Any golf tips would be much appreciated (Rookie is an overstatement)! Hope all is well with everyone! I'll be sure to stop by the site often!