Thursday, March 1, 2007

warm and sunny

Ya'all wouldn't be talking about US would you?? Its only supposed to be 58 today so we're suffering too! Update on kid with broken arm - cast came off on valentines day, but he was told to avoid anything that could cause him to fall or inpact his wrist for another 4 weeks. So he thinks that excuses him from taking out the trash and mowing the yard!! NOT!!!!!...and yes we do mow year 'round, so see, thats an advantage you guys have - you dont have to mow in the winter...or spring...or fall!
Baseball is in full swing - I got "elected" to the board as T-Ball director. That means I get to be the contact point for 13 rookie managers, 165 4,5 and 6 year old kids!...and their parents! But I get this really cool hat and jacket, and our board meetings are held at Hooters! Haven't missed a board meeting yet!
We got a meeting tonight at Code's school regarding his 8th grade graduation! WOW!!! cant believe it...that he made it!!...almost. Dont know why I gotta go - I'm not graduating 8th grade...yet!
Other than that everythings same ol', same ol'. Soon as I figure this bloggin' thing out I'll send pictures....of me of course!! I too am proud of Beck...I can just imagine her on the the top of the telephone pole...hanging on with 1 dangling from baling twine...Natural Lite in the other hand...YOU'RE DOIN' BELOIT PROUD!!

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