Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas tributes I forgot how to do this ! But staying in the spirit of the season, I thought I should try a christmas tribute blog, besides that I am very jealous of Jen's blog all decked out for the holidays and even Kristin and Amanda's myspace. How do you guys have little kids and still find time to do all this stuff? I can't seem to even get my Tree up !!!

Anyway, It's here again snow, crowds, all day shopping trips, Family, friends,... silent night and Peace on earth? Well, maybe not so much. It is Christmas time....and this picture below is my tribute to Christmas past. Do you believe that I know how to scan a picture? It's a "christmas miracle" I tell you.

Look closely.. Now we all know the real history and origin of the "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree.. Not to mention the beautiful decorations. Check the christmas box upstairs "under the thing dad built" at Grandma's; same icicles, same garland, still using them. The curtains in the background, maybe it's just me, but I'd be willing to bet my christmas goose that I wore a dress of the same material in a school picture. And yes, it was hand-me-down from Theresa, Grace, Margie and Barb. (and mom said she made it special for me, hah.) The wrapping paper on the gifts below the tree... You guessed it still upstairs, "under the thing dad built" The sweet, innocent little boy in the wagon? You see if you can figure out who it is !

Coming soon to a blog near you.. My tributes to christmas present and future. Merry Christmas to all!!

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