Monday, July 14, 2008

Sum, Sum, Summer Time

I couldn't resist, I love reading all these blogs about the kids (big and little), enjoying the summer. Here at Beloit Green Acres, we've been busy too. Most of our free time is still being spent at the ballfields.

I'm actually getting good at being a bleacher "*&$#!@", I mean bum! I've learned to only yell good comments. It makes for a nicer ride home that way! As you can see Tom is coaching Megan's team.

Now we have proof that Megan does know what "down and ready" means.....

Congrats to Homeworth Fab; second in their division, working for first in the play-offs.
Gotta love those girls !!!!

Saturday, Megan joined her friend and her family for 7 days of Fun and Sun in the Outer Banks in a quaint little 7 bedroom beach front home. You know she's worked hard all year...she really does deserve a vacation. Just ask her, she'll tell you. I on the other hand will be "driving miss Katie"

.... 6 and 1/2 hours to Louisville, Ky.. for 3 days of ummm.. let's see, fun ..? and oh yeah..... The American Dairy Goat Association National Show..... I KNOW.... YOU ARE ALL JEALOUS OF ME !! Just wait 'til you see that blog!

So while there is not much corn hole goin' on here, it's been a busy summer. Flowers are planted, mulching is done.. I am very proud of my flowers... still living after a month..... just like the gold fish...they both survived overnight.....

... And our garden is in and we've already harvested our first batch of cucumbers and weeds...

So now, I'm off to pack for my big for that blog to come.

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