Sunday, September 7, 2008

Things that make you go Hmmm...

Speaking as a half empty nester, mother of two teenage daughters, living somewhat off of the beaten path, with a husband that... well anyway. Lets just say, our family, tends to "march to a different drum"... and that's OK. We like it. But I have learned over the last few years and especially the last few monthes.... that sometimes it's better just to shake your head and walk away. Just say Hmmmmmm!!!
For example, I went to the grocery store and bought a box of huge black trash bags, Just like the rest of you, we do have trash here. They were $6.00 a box and I remember belly-aching about the price of garbage bags. They're for trash, junk, crap, landfill, for pete's sake.... what the heck!, or as I'm learning to speak, WTH??? So you have to understand my frustration, when I couldn't find them and thought that yet again my peri-menopausal mind had gotten the best of me....

Hmmmm....Ohhhh... no wait..... are those my trash bags?? ....HMMMMM....I guess when you don't have a nice pool in your back yard like "everyone else does", per Megan, and it's 99 degrees outside, you have to find some way to cool yourself off ! Right?, just ask Megan !

Hmmmm...and sometimes it's best just not to even ask..... just shake your head and walk away.

See what I mean, I don't even ask,

I just shake my head,

say Hmmmmm,

and walk away!

Until next time.....Happy blogging, Becky.

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