Sunday, April 12, 2009

I believe a congratulations is in order?!

First off, Happy Easter to everyone! Second off, I would like to congratulate Aunt Theresa on posting a picture on her own! All by herself! She mentioned she was even able to save it from her email into a file and then download it into the blog - all after finding the folder that she had originally saved it in! I dunno bout you but I'm proud (and she's pretty proud of herself too!) LOL! Maybe now she'll post more and not be a "blogger quitter" ( Just kidding!) Anyways, Happy Easter and it was great seeing everyone today and on a side note, for those that tried to calm my kiddos down, today was brought to you by the Dye's Red 40 and Yellow 10 - courtesy of their father. Normally they're a little bit calmer and you can actually talk to them LOL. Have a great week!


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