Thursday, April 30, 2009

important dates to remember

I don't want to be the "blog quitter" so Kayla and I thought we'd share some important dates with you to remember -

Saturday May 2nd at 8:00 pm - the season premier of "Jonas" staring none other then them "hottie Jonas Brothers" - that would be channel 64 for all you time warner subscribers.

Monday May 4th - Official Temporary Permit eligibility day. We finally understand what side of the road to drive on - our big dilema now - why are you only supposed to use one foot? You have two pedals and two feet - wouldn't it make more sense to use one foot for each pedal?? And why was Uncle Joe making a big deal about not being allowed to drive with "flip flops" on??? May I just remind you all - Miss Clairol and Extra Strength Excedrin!!!!

The most important dates of all - Friday and Saturday May 15th and 16th - THE CITY OF NAVARRE GARAGE SALES!!! ---call me Beck!!!!!


ksjjr said...

Hey, count me in... for the sales that is. I don't won't to be anywhere around while the whole driving thing is going on. There is not enough clairol in the world for that. Besides, here's are some more important dates; only 2 1/2 years 'til Megan can drive and only 5 years 'til graduation! Per, Megan... I think I'll start stocking up now!!

mommyofthree said...

I am soooo glad you two didn't decide to make this our annual shopping trip (like we talked about on Black Friday!)

And for the record, don't invite my house can't handle anymore baby dolls, barbies, books, legos, picture frames, small cabinetry, etc.