Friday, October 16, 2009

My old stuff

I have a confession to make. I love old stuff! I'm not addicted to it. It's definitely not a weird, sick fetish. I'm not obsessed or posessed for that matter. I just like the stuff!

I don't browse or peruse all the antique malls, outlets, or shops, on or off of the beaten path. I have never bought or sold my "old stuff" on e-bay. As a matter of fact I don't even watch the Antique road show, now that we have satelite!

I guess you could call me somewhat sentimental. I love my old stuff because of its history, where it came from, where it has been and especially because of who may have given it to me.

None of my old stuff may be worth much of anything (for those who need to put a price tag on everything). Actually, it may be broken, scratched, dented, rusted or even cracked. That is what makes it unique, special, and old.

I love my sewing machine, my secretary, my butcher block, my crocks and my trunk. I even have some jewelry and a favorite picture that I love.

But..... I have to confess yet again, that of all of the old stuff that I have; the one "old thing" thing I love the most....The one "old thing" that I would never part with, would never give up without a fight, never sell on e-bay or even at a garage sale........ has to be this.......


HAPPY 47TH BIRTHDAY to My favorite "old thing"!!!!!

Really????, didn't ya kinda wonder where this was going????

Happy blogging, Becky

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Mommy23Miracles said...

Actually I was going to leave a comment going in that direction, I guess you beat me to it! Happy B-Day Uncle Tom!!