Saturday, January 23, 2010

School Days, School Days!

It's picture Day!!!

Don't you just love school pictures. Remember the "home hair cuts" the week before school pictures? Remember how excited we used to get at St. Louis, because we didn't have to wear our uniforms that day! Remember when we'd actually be excited to miss class to stand in a single file line in that nasty gym. Remember those cheap little black plastic combs we would get? Remember the class pictures, when you always had to stand next to the stinkiest boy in class, or the one with all the warts or acne or whatever that was? And remember no matter how hard you tried, you always had a goofy smile, or your eyes closed, or that hair out of place, or that look on your face. Remember how excited you were to pass them out the next day, and see how many boys would ask for your picture?

Do you Remember who all these kids are in these school pictures?
Just for something fun, I will donate a gift card to the one Trescott (or descendant thereof) who can guess every person in this picture correctly.
Here are the rules:
No cheating
No sharing answers
Correct answers are based on the bearly legible writing on the back of certain pictures.
If there are multiple winners I will draw one random name.
These school pictures include two generations of Trescotts
and remember, there could be duplicates !!
Put your anwers in the comment section of this blog, or you can email them to me at

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