Saturday, October 29, 2011

In conclusion...

Or otherwise titled "excuses for not blogging in a loooonnggg time. " I even thought about calling it the dreaded essay you had to write on the first day of school, "what I did this year". So, "In conclusion", I have determined I will try to sum it up with the top 12 things I did this year.....and why I never blogged.

12. We attended 3 weddings, which also meant 3 wedding showers, for me. One almost every month beginning in March; congrats to all the newly weds. And especially this beautiful bride and groom. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Michael Gandee:

11. We did not plant a garden. BIG MISTAKE.... now old mother eastep's canning cupboards are bare.

10. We did not play or coach softball, nor do we know how we ever had time to do it when we did.

9. We finished re modeling out bathroom.

8. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

7. We enjoyed the second annual Trescott Family reunion... Kudos to the planners.

6. We enjoyed a weekend at Cedar Point and Soak city, to celebrate Cody's high school graduation. He loved spending the weekend with all of us girls.

5. We had some Awesome company from out of town. Thank you Rick and Pat, Susan and Cody, and The Gandee Family for helping us celebrate. It was great to visit with Barb, Beth and family, and Bill and Dottie.

4 . We celebrated Katie's college graduation.

3. We added a four legged friend to our family.

2. We added a wonderful Son-in-Law to our family, and we became "The In-laws"!

  1. and in conclusion, to wrap things up, just in case we weren't busy enough.... for our number one......Today, October 29th, 2011. We celebrate our baby girl's 16th birthday!

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