Friday, February 23, 2007

Hello to all. . . . .

Ok I have to agree with Jennifer, if Aunt Beck can do this, anyone can (Sorry Beck). What a great idea this was to start to keep everyone posted on our exciting family. Just wanted to post and say hello to everyone and update on my two monkeys, I mean children. The kids are doing great and growing more and more curious everyday. They are both standing up to everything and getting ready to take that first big step. I have mixed emotions about this big event. I know that they are going to "Rock my world." I am also positive that they will take off in opposite directions just to make things a little more exciting. On the other hand, a lot of simple tasks are going to be a lot easier with children that can ambulate themselves. We are all looking forward to spring to get out and enjoy the weather. It seems like we have went into hibernation mode over the winter and I am definately ready to crawl out of our "hole". We'll keep our fingers crossed that the ground hog made the correct prediction.

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