Friday, February 23, 2007

Great Aunt Beck is so Wierd...I mean, Wired

Sorry about the Freudian slip there, Beck. I of course meant a tech-y sense, right? I'm quite proud of Beck for her computer-savy skills, put to good use (as opposed to her usual "up-to-no-good" behaviors!) Now, if "dumb ole' Beck" can blog, so can the rest of you! It's not hard, just ask Becky...create and account, and then add a post. We'll all be able to read (and see) the latest and greatest Trescott news. It's so easy a toddler could do it- Look at Kennedy way back when, just 13 months old and already a computer pro and blogger extraordinaire...Ok, maybe she wasn't technically blogging back then, but she was thinking about it. Let's see if anyone else can post some goodies here for us! I dare you!

Kudos to Becky for being the first visitor to post, and let's keep 'em coming now! I'll be looking for the rest of you!!

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