Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hello all! I just came across this when I was checking my old e-mail account. Glad to see messages from the whole gang. Everything is good on our end. Married life is going great. Adam is still working his crazy hours at the station, but loves what he does (and I'm pretty proud of him too). Kristin and I have decided we will never be normal with our fireman and policeman! The school year is really flying by. Four more weeks and I will already say farewell to my sixth graders. I'm not sure where I'll end up next year, I'll keep you posted if I ever find out!! I'm also starting my second year as the j.v.volleyball coach for Louisville. I had a great time last season and can't wait to get underway again. This month we'll have had our house for a year already. We're excited to get outside this summer and do some major yard work. Adam signed us up for a co-ed summer golf league which is sure to provide some great entertainment. Any golf tips would be much appreciated (Rookie is an overstatement)! Hope all is well with everyone! I'll be sure to stop by the site often!

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