Monday, May 7, 2007

WOW, babies, babies and more babies isn't even the right description.....CONGRATS to all those young patents and new babies.....Just remember that Great Aunt Beck's Babysitting service is available every weekend.
Well, I hate to copy an old phrase but it seems like while all the "young" families are busy filling their "nests" ...... this family is beginning to empty theirs.

That's right, only 16 days of High school left. I am reminded daily. Usually at 6:53 am each morning as Katie rushes out to the bus, late again. Isn't it funny that after 12 years, she still can't remember to eat breakfast, what time the bus really does comes, or what I did with her books, but can tell you at the drop of a hat how many days of school are left? So the count down is on and then Welcome to the world of college life. I now have a new respect for all of you who have already been where I am getting ready to go. Can you all say FASFA? Well, I can say it but don't ask me to understand it!!! And what makes one book worth $180.00? (by the way, June 16th is the big graduation party.)

On the other side of our "proverbial nest" ... Megan's softball season is literally in full swing with her all-time favorite coach of the year... Her "Daddy". Games are on Tuesday and Thursdays, practice is on Sundays and one other night, yet to be announced....and will be held at my house (Lucky Becky) So far only one person has made a trip to the E.R. and that was the other coach... contrary to whatever you've heard; softballs when coming at you, bouncing off of your temple are not soft. But don't worry, it wasn't anything that 15 stitches couldn't take care of. And NO it wasn't me or Megan who hit him! Anyway, not such a bad season afterall!!

So over the next few months we will all be at the softball fields or on the "corner" selling my wares to pay for those books. Hope to see you all on the 16th.

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