Monday, December 24, 2007

another blast from the past

Yeeehawww. I'll beeee, even Rick can blog, 'em there southerners can do 'bout anythang can't they now darlin'? Some of you "anti-bloggers are lookin' pretty bad right now!
Speaking of Rick, did ya' figure out who the "angelic" little boy is in the christmas past? If you guessed Dan, which happened to be the popular vote, NOT. Remember, I did use the term "angelic" that knocks Dan out completely, and a few others too. (who luvs ya' Skibbo?) Besides, Dan only sits down to rake apples. That story is a whole new blog.... just ask Dan. Now if you really study the picture, you should notice it is in black and white. Dan's not that old is he? And only one christmas miracle per year here; I can only scan, not edit, not paste and certainly not change tone. So, it's not Dan, it's not Rick or Jake either (see above term "angelic") who could that be? Take a look at the train in the picture (Dillon gets it honestly), and notice that the clothes he's wearing are new, not hand me downs. Well, It's none other than "our little Billy in his new wagon" Ahhhhh, he's so cute! You really can see the halo. Someone said it had to be Bill, because there weren't 50 other munchkins around the tree, and that person was right. so I couldn't resist one more blast from the past... Now that's a Trescott Christmas !!!!

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