Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hey y'all, Merry Christmas! Isn't this new fangled internet stuff sumpthin'? Give me some time and I'll learn how to post pictures too! I mean if D.O.B. can figure it out....but then she has a kid still at home that probably taught her.
I knew that the 1st picture was Bill and his new wagon...Dad eventually repainted it with a brush and I got it for Christmas about 3 years later. :-) As for the next picture, I think that that is Bill, Barb ,me, Ken and Marge at the last Christmas on 2nd Street in Canton.
I'm not sure but I think the next picture with "Pet" when she was a pup, is the first Christmas on Georgetown Road. The baby is Jake. We moved to Geo. Rd. on New years eve or New years day, I can't remember if we got the pup when we were still on second street, a week before we moved. If thats the case then the baby would be Margie. That may be the only picture of "Pet" where she wasn't pregnant!
Wow! What a trip down memory lane!
So where is everybody else that should be in here? I miss all you guys, especially during the holiday season. I'll check back later.... Rick

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