Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas

Like everything else I've done this holiday season, my happy Holiday greetings come a little late. Were any of you out in the mad rush on Christmas Eve? No? Well then you most certainly missed my mad dash to Walmart at 4am to get wrapping paper, tape, and baby food, all after working 12 hours nonetheless.

It was great to see everyone who was able to make it to lunch at Hometown Buffet Christmas Eve. If you weren't able to come, you missed interesting conversation about the power grid, courtesy of Jason and Tony. Oh, and not to mention, my cranky tired baby who didn't want to visit with anyone else. Sorry 'bout that! Otherwise, a good time was had by all, and we'll plan to do this again next year, although we'll plan it more in advance, and likely a couple weeks before Christmas so it won't be so hectic for everyone.

Becky... loved the Christmas pictures. The top picture of Grandma and the 5 kids says it all... one of the kids is pointing a (fake) gun at himself, and the look on Grandma's face is priceless! I thought Christmas with 3 kids was a task!! I'm not sure if Grandma did "toy parties" back then, but I like the assortment of gifts in the pictures- there's a stroller, a gun, a guitar, one kid has some reindeers... it reminds me of a family party in the garage! Gosh, they started so young!

Anyhow...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to y'all, especially Rick who is the newest blogger to the website. Looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone both in person and online in 2008!

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