Friday, November 21, 2008

Secrets and Birthdays

Theresa Roseann Marie Trescott was born on November 21st, 1963; the day after JFK was shot. Mom will tell you that she remembers being in the hospital feeding Theresa when she heard the news. All the Nurses were crying. 'Not sure now if that was because of Theresa or JFK, but anyway.
So I'll bet there are quite a few things you may not know about our birthday girl, so I will be ever so happy to let you in a a few "secrets". Now, just like on Dancing with the Stars, I will give you "in no particular order" ten things I'll bet you didn't know about "T".

10. She likes to wear her pjs inside out. At least that is what she told me once.

9. She was known in school as "Sister Theresa" because she would never do
anthing wrong.

8. She was accidently shot in the head. Caught in the crossfire betwwen a pellet gun and
a fly.

7. She cannot dive off of a diving board. Trust me it's ugly.

6. She cannot rollerskate backwards. Well, she can, but it's ugly too.

5. She cannot back up a car. REALLY.. you know the song "give me 40 acres and I'll turn
this rig around". She has a cavalier and 40 acres just won't do it for her.

4. She had 1 babydoll growing up, and still has that same babydoll "Michelle". She
couldn't go to sleep without cuddling "Michelle".

3. She still has a scar and a bald spot on her head where "Shep" got her during a trip to

2. And, she really wasn't trapping, fishing or hunting the night she got stuck on the
railroad tracks !!!!

And the most important thing I'll bet none of you ever knew about our birthday girl is.....

1. On occasion, when we might possibly have fought as sisters, when we were young,
SHE was the one who always started those fights. I might have screamed and hollered
but only 'cause she was punching and kicking. I was the innocent one.

So the next time you see "T" ask her about some of those "secrets". They are all true !!! Or if you have a quick minute email her a happy 45th birthday at

Happy 45th Birthday !!! "T".... all our love !

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