Thursday, November 20, 2008

Peytons Birthday Party...

So, as alot of you found, we had a great time at Peytons Birthday Party on this past Saturday. I apologize for not getting the pictures posted sooner - we've had alot of things going on (retail therapy....Christmas sales....) and I have a wedding coming up this weekend. So, for those of you that were there and those of you that they are...

Of course, the Birthday Boy eating his cake...check out the look on his face.

Here's Brooklyn, very carefully applying makeup....reminds me of the "is it on straight?" lady from the comercial a long time ago.

Now the pinata was a great hit. Especially for Dillion and Kennedy. I believe Kennedy is actually the one who hit the "body" of of blue leaving just the head hanging.

Now I think Aunt Becky said it well when she said "Watching all of these kids made me appreciate my kids more"....They were crazy - running all over the place...and if my kids were atleast in school, i think i would have been thinking that too. I think this is what Grandma was thinking here in this pic. "Thank God these arent my 13 kids running around..." We had approximately 18 kids at the party...most of them under 4. We also had 3 sets of twins at the party. Here's two of them....

Anyways, we had a great time! If you'd like, all of the pictures are here at: My Photobucket Site. Have a great weekend!


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